Forwarding mail to an external address in Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2007

In Exchange 2010/2007, use the EMC. The new term for a Contact isMailContact.

Create a MailContact using the Exchange Management Console(EMC)

  1. Expand Recipeint Configuration  Mail Contact
  2. In the Action pane, click New Mail Contact
  3. To create a new Contact object, leave the default (New Contact) selected  click Next
  4. Type First name, Last name
  5. Click Edit to add the external email address
  6. Click New to complete creation of new MailContact

Alternatively, use the Shell to create a new MailContact:

New-MailContact -Name “Foo User” -ExternalEmailAddress “

Next, we set the recipient’s Delivery Options to deliver to the alternate recipient.

Now that we have a MailContact created for the external recipient’s email address, we can forward mail for the Exchange recipient to the MailContact. To configure mail forwarding using the EMC:

  1. Expand Recipeint Configuration  Mailbox select mailbox properties  Mail Flow Settingstab  Delivery Options
  2. Under Forwarding address, select Forward to
  3. Click Browse to select the MailContact
  4. Optional: If a copy of the message needs to be delivered to both the external recipient and the original recipient’s mailbox, select the Deliver message to both forwarding address and mailbox.