HP Laserjet: PCL XL error Subsystem: KERNEL Error: IllegalOperatorSequence Operator


1.right click the printer and go to the properties.
2.click on the advanced tab and uncheck ‘enabled printing features.
3.click on the general tab and click on ‘printing preferences.
4.click on the ‘advanced’ tab and disable the ‘print optimizations.
You can also add it as a Local Printer with “new port” TCP/IP thats my workaround.


  1. I had the same error while printing. I rebooted the system and printer (HP 4700); nothing happened at first.
    Until I unchecked the “Choose paper source by PDF page size” under Size Options in the Print menu.

    1. OMG… Finally, This worked for me. I’m on a network printer and using W7pro. it just stopped printing pdf about 2 months ago…. now I’m back to normal….I only changed the setting on my local, and not the domain.

  2. This solution worked for me on a HP LaserJet 4050. This error message started about 1 week ago on .PDF documents generated by a procedure we use to download iSeries spool files as .PDF documents. PDF files from other sources printed without errors…

  3. Thanks for your solution, this directional information worked for my Hp laser jet P2015. My problem was resolved.
    Problem: PCL XL error Subsystem: KERNEL Error: IllegalOperatorSequence Operator.
    After following the solution Direction: My printer always take time to loading the work i sent to the printer, but is as seem the size of work sent to printer increase in megabits compare to previous when you check “see what’s printing”.


      1. respected sir, i installed new window 7 ,after window installation hp laser jet p2015dn show pcl xl error.kindly guide me

  4. If you are printing PDFs, it’s best to use a PS driver rather than PCL. That’s Desktop Support 101 level knowledge.

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